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Will it hurt?

We will take the time to help make the appointment as comfortable as possible for you. 


Do you offer "laughing gas"?

We do offer nitrous oxide in our Blue Earth office, to help you relax at your request. 


What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a current list of medications. You will be asked to fill out a health history questionnaire also. Bring your insurance card if you have one also. 


Do you offer discounts?

For patients without dental insurance or a benefit plan, we offer a 5% discount for those who pay in full on the day of service with cash or check.

Patients 70 years and older without dental insurance or a benefit plan are eligible to receive an additional 5% savings (total of 10%) for prepayment or full payment by cash or check on the day of treatment.


Do you accept all insurance?

We may not be a preferred provider for your insurance company but we will file your insurance claim and often there is very little difference in cost to you. We try to keep surprises about cost to a minimum. We will work with you to understand your insurance.


Do you take uCare, Civic Smiles, Medical Assistance?

At this time we do not take these plans, we will however work with you if you need to be seen on a limited basis. Please call to inquire about this. We understand when you are in pain that a wait list isn't always an option. 


Do you have payment plans?

We do not as a rule offer payment plans. We will work at breaking your treatment into payments that you can more easily afford. Please let us know your concerns regarding treatment cost so we can look at the best options in addressing your treatment plan for you. We do work with Care Credit financing to help provide an option that make it easier to get the smile you want.

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