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Our office is choosing to follow all recommendations from the Board of Dentistry and the CDC to reduce your risk of virus transmission while in our office. Our goal is to provide a safe environment to our patients and staff, and to advance the safety of our local community. 

If you have any signs or symptoms or anyone in your household does we encourage you to reschedule your appointment. 

We are screening everyone who enters the office for symptoms and for fevers. We ask everyone in the office to wear a mask at all times besides when treatment is being done. 

Our staff is wearing a clean lab jacket for each patient that is seen. Our hygiene rooms have doors that help minimize spread of aerosols and also have HEPA filters in each to help increase ventilation and clean the air. Our staff are wearing face shields and n95 masks, and are screened each day also.

We are doing our best to minimize aerosol generating procedures which helps to reduce the spread of the virus. This means that some things may be slightly different than your last visit but we will still be providing dental care to help prevent dental disease at or above the standard of care. 

Our infection control standards have always been at the highest level and continue with extra precautions. If you have any concerns regarding your appointment we ask you to reach out to us.

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