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Prevention begins with education. Susan, our hygienist, is an amazing educator and her passion resides with sharing this passion with our patients. Preventing a problem before it begins is the best thing for your mouth, your overall health and helps make visiting the dentist just that much easier!

Patient Relationships


Dr. Seys is still fairly new to the community but with each visit she enjoys getting to know her patient's a little better. Every patient's case is different and understanding the patient's goals is the best way to help the patient. She understands that people need choices and respects those choices.

Tooth Aches


Not every dental emergency can be avoided. We take pride in helping people who are in pain and being here to provide care when it is needed most. 

We are able to treat most dental emergencies here in the office and work with a great team of specialists for referrals as needed. 

Individualized patient focused care with an emphasis on prevention
General Dentist
Dr. Samantha Seys


I grew up in Southern Minnesota and being able to return to the area has been a dream come true. Working with the people of Southern Minnesota has been the highlight of my career and the most rewarding. 


The great small town communities I get to work with makes it enjoyable to build patient relationships and allows the staff and I to share our passion everyday with our patients.

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